Healing the Whole Child

Katherine Erlich MD is a pediatrician in Michigan who helped many children recover from debilitating illnesses through a holistic approach to nutrition.

Woodside Animal Clinic

Holistic Veterinary Care in Royal Oak, MI. Acupuncture, dietary supplements, chiropractic, and various other treatments. John Simon has been practicing veterinary medicine for nearly 50 years and holistic medicine since 1982.

Ageless Strength

Army Maguire is proof that you can continue to grow stronger as the years go by. He designs the finest Indian exercise clubs and Persian meels you can get in America.

NNG Balintawak

Filipino Stick based martial art headed by Grandmaster Nene Gaabucayan. Training involves a randomized 2 person form called Agak. Practicing Balintawak almost guarantees that one’s reflexes will improve. Another example of how skills can actually get better as the years pass.