Barbara Brennan

Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is a hands-on healing system developed by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, a former NASA astrophysicist.  BHS is described as a comprehensive hands-on healing modality based on various subtle energies of the human consciousness system.

Where Brennan Healing Science differs from any number of energy healing modalities is three fold:  

1) Energetic Anatomy & Character Types:  Practitioners of BHS go through a four year training in energy healing and somatic psychology.  We understand not only how to work with and repair the body's energy systems, but also how to approach psychological defensive structures called character types or "charcterolgies".  These defenses are not who we are; they are precisely who we are not. Understanding these character types allows BHS practitioner to navigate beyond the these defenses.  

2) Grounding: Brennan healing emphasizes the ability to “ground”.  Grounding is like a tree putting roots into the ground.  In many respects, the ability to ground determines the amount of energy a healer can safely channel (*there is perhaps no better grounding exercise than the Wuji/Zhuan Zhuang stance of chigong, which is why the two therapies go hand in hand.

During a session, the patient rests on a massage table.  As the practitioner begins to channel energy, it is not uncommon for the client to quickly fall into an extremely relaxed state, somewhere in between being asleep and awake.  The sensation of energy moving through the body can be quite palpable.  

Brennan Healing Science

How Does Brennan Healing Science differ from other energy healing therapies?

3) Connection:  Brennan healing is unique because it is not by force of will or some “attunement" that determines how much energy you can channel.  Rather, it is the depth at which a healer can authentically, safely, and with healthy boundaries, make an energetic and emotional connection to the person in need. The latter is what Brennan Healers have been trained to accomplish and why it has such a profound healing effect.