Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is a hands-on healing system developed by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, a former NASA astrophysicist.  BHS is described as a comprehensive hands-on healing modality based on various subtle energies of the human consciousness system.  

Practitioners of BHS go through a four year training, learning many nuances of energy work.  Similar to medical Chigong, this is a system utilizing the practitioner’s ability to “channel” energy from the ground for the benefit of the patient.

Where Brennan Healing Science differs from any number of energy healing modalities is the time spent learning how defensive structures (Wilhelm Reich called these “characterolgies) keep all of us in the same psycho-spiritual rut, and prevent us from attaining the type of fulfilling life and relationships we yearn for.  This can be a tumultuous terrain.  Fortunately, the Brennan system provides a type of emotional map, making such obstacles easier to traverse and overcome.

Brennan Healing Science

During a session, the patient rests on a massage table.  As the practitioner begins to channel energy, it is not uncommon for the client to quickly fall into an extremely relaxed state.  Clients sometimes experience involuntary movements, similar to when one is falling asleep and suddenly “flinch” or “jerk”.   This is the effect when frozen energy (an “energy block”) is released.  In the Buddhist tradition, this is called “kriya”.  This is a well documented phenomenon in meditation and Chigong practices as well.