The symptoms of allergies due to flowers, pets, and food can be relieved with proper application of NAET.

NAET requires several treatments.  Each treatment, or clearing, renegotiates the body’s reaction to an allergen.  An easy way to understand allergy clearings is to think of them as reprograming the brain to stop “short-circuiting” in the presence of anything that is perceived as an allergen. This is why NAET alleviates reactions as diverse as itchy eyes from pollen, asthma attacks from dairy, and eczema from citrus.  The less work your immune system has to do fighting off harmless invaders, the more energy you will have for other aspects of life.

Allergies act like heavy weights on the immune system, preventing it from functioning optimally.  A compromised immune system leads to a wide variety of maladies and illnesses.  NAET lifts these weights off by systematically eliminating allergies and sensitivities.

The Basic 15

Initially, NAET treatment follows a specific protocol.  We test for the “Basic 15” which includes fundamental nutrient groups such as vitamins and minerals.  Only the nutrients which test as sensitive are treated.  Being certain that you can process and assimilate the foods you consume daily frees the body’s energy and reduces allergic reactivity.  Treating the Basic 15 lays a strong foundation for more complex treatments if they are needed.

What is an NAET treatment like? 

The first step is testing.  MRT (Muscle Response Testing) is used to identify allergens.  Muscle strength is evaluated while you hold a series of sealed vials.  The second step is the clearing.  You hold a vial imprinted with the energetic resonance of an allergen while the spinal nerves and acupuncture points are stimulated.  A special breathing technique is implemented by the patient while acupressure points are stimulated on the back.

Is there an avoidance diet?

One of the most exciting parts of NAET is that the life-long avoidance diets that some people end up on (“You can never have dairy or wheat or touch a cat,” etc.) are replaced with a simple one day avoidance diet.  For 25 hours after each clearing, the item that was treated must be carefully avoided.  And that’s it!

How many treatments will I need?

It is impossible to know until we test.  Most patients need 5 - 15 treatments.  People who are suffering from serious diseases will likely take longer. 

How quickly will we see results?

The answer varies widely, but many patients feel improvement within 5 treatments.  Because we always begin with food allergies, a non-food allergy (cats, pollen, etc.) can not be addressed until any sensitive items from the Basic 15 are cleared.

What about anaphylaxis?

The goal of NAET treatments in the case of life-threatening allergies is to minimize reactions in the event that there is an accidental exposure.  It will likely take multiple treatments in order to resolve anaphylactic reactions.  Traditional allergy tests (i.e. blood tests) should be repeated approximately one year after finishing these NAET treatments to be certain that the allergy has been completely eliminated.

Will I still need my Epi-pen? 

Yes.  It is important to continue to treat any allergen which currently causes anaphylactic reactions with caution.

Does NAET work on animals?

Absolutely.  They are some of my favorite patients.


Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique

Allergies from an NAET perspective: