Balintawak Escrima


Grandmaster Nonato (Nene) Gaabucayan

Master Teofilo (Teovel) Velez

Balintawak Founder Anciong Bacon

While classical meditation is one way to silence the mind, there are many others.  Exercises like Tai chi are often called meditation in motion.  Balintawak is meditation in action.  Meditation is all about staying in the present moment.  In Balintawak, the student defends and teacher leads, guides, and ultimately attacks in a controlled manner that builds the students reaction time and tenacity. However, if the defender starts thinking about what the leader might attack with (obsessing about the future), his reflexes will be compromised and will miss the next strike and get tagged.  Similarly, if he makes a mistake and keeps thinking about his error (obsessing about the past) his reflexes will be compromised, will miss the next strike and get tagged.  For our reflexes to remain at their sharpest, we must learn to forget about the future, not dwell on the past, and remain in the ever present moment.

Balintawak also emphasizes precision and control, which is why teacher and student can practice at high speeds but remain free of injury.

I studied under Grandmaster Gaabucayan for seven years in Los Angeles and am now teaching this wonderful art in the Detroit area.

What is Balintawak

Buddha dog meditating statue

Chigong refers to any number of movement sets or standing postures which serve as both physical exercise and meditation.  They can be strictly health related or an integral part of Chinese martial arts (neigong) as seen most notably in Taijiquan (tai chi), and Baguazhang, and Hsing Yi Chuan, and Yichuan

I teach Chigong and Taijiquan forms with an emphasis on "grounding".  For many people with anxiety, a contributing factor to their condition is because they are not grounded and connected into the earth.  Once they start practicing and perceiving the connection to the ground with the earth supporting them beneath their feet, a sense of calm and stability is felt throughout their body and their anxiety begins to subside.

Additionally, having strong legs and balance can help us throughout our lives.  Chigong and Taijiquan are excellent exercises to build these attributes.

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Meditation is nothing less than training for your mind.   After an acupuncture or energy healing treatment, patients feel relaxed, at ease, and centered.  They ask, "how can I maintain this feeling?".  The answer is meditation.

Simplified Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Meditation Methods

You don't have to be a Buddhist to practice Buddhist meditation. It's simply a technique of posture, gaze, and breath that fosters a focused state of calm.

Invariably, people say, "I can't meditate - my brain won't stop".  Ironically, this is precisely why one starts meditation in the first place - to calm the mind.

Funny thing is, meditation can actually be extraordinarily easy.  90% of the reason people have difficulty with meditation is due to a misconception of what meditation is and what it is not.  Once this misconception is addressed and a technique is taught, people can meditate without a problem.  Every single patient who has ever told me they could not meditate was able to practice effortlessly and instantly after a few minutes of explanation and instruction.

Practicing just 5 minutes, 3 times a day can improve your mood and ability to reduce/manage stress.

Self Healing Chigong (Qigong) & Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

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