EFT is endorsed by prominent doctors and individuals including Deepak Chopra, MD, Norman Shealy, MD, Bruce Lipton, Phd, Joseph Mercola, MD,  Candace Pert, Phd, Cheryl Richardson, Donna Eden and Eric Robins, MD.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a method developed by Gary Craig for resolving the symptoms of addictions, phobias, and even physical pain.  The philosophy behind EFT is that pain (be it physical or emotional) is caused by a type of "short circuit" in the body's electrical network/acupuncture meridian system. 

By first identifying the emotional cause of this electrical disturbance and then activating certain acupuncture points (as shown by the blue man to the left) by gentle tapping, the energy flow can be returned to a balanced state.  Consequently, with the electrical disturbance evened out, the body's own natural ability to heal itself remedies the pain, phobia, or addiction.

How does EFT work?   It may be that EFT acts as a method to transport memories out of the amygdala and into the hippocampus.  The amygdala is a part of the brain involved in short term memory and the fight or flight response.  The hippocampus on the the other hand is in charge of long term memory.

Ideally, intense and unpleasant experiences are transferred to the hippocampus.  However, if the event stays in the amygdala, we play it over and over again in the background of our minds as if the traumatic event is currently happening.  EFT has the effect of making memories seem as how they should - in the past.  

Emotional Freedom Technique