Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is a major immune and detoxification organ system in our bodies.  While very intricate, it does not have its own "pump" like the circulation system does to transport fluid.  Rather, it relies on body movement to direct the lymph fluid.

Infection and sedintary lifestyles can cause the lymph to stagnate and get clogged, leading to swelling and or congestion.  

Lymphatic drainage uses the most gentle of contact.  It's as if one is just barely skimming their fingers across the surface of water.

I primarily use lymphatic drainage on the face and neck to help bolster the immune system, relieve sinus pressure, and unblock clogged ears/eustachian tubes.

Additonally, devices like the Vibeplateā„¢ and Chi Vitalizer in my clinic can also help with whole body lymph stimulation

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